Wednesday, 11 March 2015

F for Fitrah

Fitrah, in English, refers to our moral compass.

Allah has gifted every human being with a moral calculator or compass. Every human being was given the ruh روح which was in the company of Allah, and each one was given the knowledge of the basics of right and wrong. This instinctive sense of justice that has nothing to do with culture or upbringing means that your fitrah is alive.

In order to gain guidance from the Qur'an, our moral compass needs to be intact. Gaining guidance and gaining knowledge from the Qur'an are two different things. You might learn a lot from the Qur'an but if your moral compass is not intact, you won't gain guidance out of it.

It is also possible for a Muslim to not have his moral compass intact, not just a non-Muslim. It is possible. You may have a lot of knowledge, and outside you may be a believer, but inside domething filthy and disgusting.

The qualities that highlight your fitrah are:
1. Gratitude
2. Thinking, processing, contemplation
3. Patience
4. Kindness
5. Humility- first level is to be able to admit you are wrong and not the best

Let's hope we all have our moral compasses intact, in shaa Allah. And if not, remember, there's always the power of sincere du'a! c:

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