Monday, 9 March 2015

E for Envy

Envy is another word for jealousy, and it is felt through the heart. And it is the only feeling of the heart that we will be accountable for.

When people envy someone having something, they wish that they were in possession of it, instead. It is as if they are against the qadr (pre-ordainment) of Allah. They're saying that they know better than Allah, in regards to what they envy. نعوذ بالله We seek refuge in Allah.

Allah knows what to give to whom. We need not be unhappy and compare ourselves with others, as to what they have and what we have. Comparing yourself with the people who are above you results in humility, but in some cases, also jealousy. Oh, he has that but I don't! She's beautiful but I'm not! You get jealous of what a person has, and this is what causes evil eye.

Compare yourself to the people below you, and don't get arrogant, but humble yourself, and remind yourself constantly of the blessings that Allah has bestowed you with despite your clumsiness in handling things, or your spotted skin, or your falling hair. No matter what it is that you are displeased about, there is no doubt that Allah has given you more than what you can count. He's given you vision, hearing, the ability to speak which you use to complain, a family, a house to stay in, a safe environment. Some people have none or some of these, but they are still grateful even for the fact they are alive and breathing.

So I ask Allah to make us among those who are constantly grateful for what we have, and to purify our hearts from the poison of envy. Ameen.

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